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3 life lessons from Michael Jordan, ‘The Last Dance’

One of the greatest sports documentaries of all time Netflix’s ‘The Last Dance’ has been a revelation in 2020. Charting the history Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls and namely their final 1997-98 season, with unprecedented access there’s a huge amount to take away in regards what it requires to build winning mentality in sports, business and everyday life. Here are 3 key takeaways:

Work - Practice every day

Michael Jordan dispels the myth that natural ability alone makes you excel. To be the GOAT you need to practice, practice, practice to master your craft.

Team - You need a diverse team to win

Jordan alone didn’t win Chicago Bulls championships. There was a team of extremely talented and diverse individuals that worked together to enable him to play at his best.

Hustle - for every success, there’s a struggle Don’t give up

Behind one of the games ultimate professionals, there were times of personal issues, missed game-winning shots and feuds. We often forget the hustle and unrelenting drive to win. He never gave up.

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