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3 OG skateboarding brands to watch in 2021

Supreme fatigue? Well we certainly have 😴... we like our skate brands OG, staying true to their origins and core market, Street Skating.

No overpriced collobs and hype here, these 3 brands are from real deal skating legends. Check them out and support authenticity…


Straye was born and raised in street skating’s birth place, California.

Founder Angel Cabada, was a founder of Supra and has since teamed up with skating legends Boo Johnson, Jamie Thomas, Antwuan Dixon, Dane Vaughn, Windsor James, Ben Norberg, and Lem West.

Their purpose… creating a durable, bad ass skate shoe that give zero f!$cks.

Skaters Boo Johnson, Jamie Thomas, Antwuan Dixon

Aside from high quality construction there’s lot of cool features and tongue in cheek humour.

Back of straye skate board shoes



If you have never been to “Freetown Christiania” in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen it is a must visit.

Christiania is best known as Denmark’s independent, free loving commune where cannabis is openly sold and consumed, where drum circles and open-air jam sessions can always be found, and where people who’ve had enough of mainstream society can find a place to exist.

Freetown christiania skate park denmark

As part of the community a skateboard park was built in the heart of Freetown by it’s inhabitants and the ALIS Skate brand was formed.

Part playground, workshop, skate community, brand and all around space for creative and free spirited individuals ALIS as a brand is truely unique.

ALIS streetwear, skate brand clothing

Furthermore they are conscious to the core and through chartiable donations have built Skateparks in impoverished areas around the world including:

India, Bolivia, Jordan, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Nepal and Morocco.


Tony Alva is considered an originator of vertical skating and is credited as one of the first skateboarders to successfully pull a Frontside Air.

That moment, is considered by many to be the birth of modern skateboarding:

 Tony Alva skate frontside air

In 1977, at the age of 19, Alva shunned the major skate companies to form his own company, entitled Alva Skates.

It was the first company run and owned by a skateboarder, as well as being one of the first to use layered Canadian maple plywood in skateboard decks.

They continue to operate out of California today offering a wider range of deck accessories, clothing and apparel.

Tony Alva skate board clothing




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