Man wearing ALIS black hoodie

ALIS - 2021 Collection Officially Launched

After the success of Tenements launching ALIS into the UK market, we are pleased to announce the latest 2021 collection has officially dropped in store.

ALIS is an OG premium skateboard brand born and raised in Denmark's famous  'Christiania' district featured in both VICE video and blog features.

The range features classic, eclectic and sustainable designs.

Hemp Range

The collection includes a hemp, cotton construction that is made in Portugal, Europe. This locality and material mix reduces water, material and carbon impact. Shop HERE.

ALIS beige logo hemp t-shirt

Nostalgia Range

ALIS is a high-quality clothing company, playground, workshop, skate community, and all around space for creative and free spirited individuals. The latest 'ALIS experience' collection pays homage to its 'summer of love' culture through bold 60's designs. Shop HERE.

ALIS green t-shirt

Classic Logo Range

The legendary ALIS 'box logo' first came out as stickers, tees and caps which made it the basis of spreading the ALIS culture and expanding a brand. Since its inception its been the core to the Classic ALIS range. We've added additional product to our store including a range of hoodies. Shop HERE.

Mna wearing ALIS black hoodie

View the wider ALIS range below...


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