ALIS more than just a brand

ALIS more than just a brand

Being so much more than just a brand, “ALIS” has always been tricky to define. It's a high-quality clothing company, playground, workshop, skate community, and all-around space for creative and free-spirited individuals.

Born in Denmark

The two friends, Albert and Isabelle established ALIS back in 1996 in the Freetown of Christiania. In 1998, ALIS and friends built a skate park they named Wonderland.

ALIS skateboard park wonderland in freetown denmark

This space became the greatest meeting point for all the madness and adventures, that is still going on today. 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Wonderland, and to celebrate we chose to install a solar panel roof.

Building Skateboard Parks

ALIS has a long history of supporting the underground culture in many ways. Highlight from those early days include the 18-day hiphop festival “Subkult” back in 1996, one of the times most important skate competitions, Scandinavian open in 2001, 2002, 2003 and helped to build numerous skate parks around the world.

ALIS team building a skateboard park

Building Brand & Clothing Range

The brand has also stood as sponsor and supporter for countless independent events, festivals, competitions and much more. Initially, the legendary ALIS box logo came out as stickers, tees and caps which made it the basis of spreading the ALIS culture and expanding a brand. International success came following a feature in VICE.

The later collections were created in co-operation with different international designers, photographers, musicians and artists, so it became much more than just a logo, it became a movement. Shop ALIS the range here.

ALIS model wearing t shirt


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