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Feiyue - Counterfeits, Conflict, Collaboration


Feiyue has been around for over 100 years 🤯  

During that time it’s seen revolutions, bankruptcies, law suits and multiple ‘Feiyue’ factions vying to be recognised as the real Feiyue.

Finally after decades of conflict a collaborative shoe has been launched. The 1920…


One of the main problems Feiyue has faced is the proliferation of knock-off sneakers. Yearly, in China alone millions are sold but only about 10 percent are made by authorised producers. This subsequently has leaked into international markets with cheap, poor quality drop-shipping versions on eBay and Amazon for less than $10.

Fake, counterfeits of feiyue trainer shoes

An example of the inconsistencies seen on counterfeit Feiyues typically marketed on Wish, Ebay and Amazon.


In the early 2000’s the officially recognised rights for the brand were split between geographies with China (DaFu) and International (Feiyue International) markets producing their own styles.

The international branch improved the production standards, consistency and quality to align with European standards and subsequently increased price, China meanwhile continued with a low price, mass production approach.

Feiyue france high quality advertisement

In the early 2000's Feiyue International produces and markets a premium range of shoes

With increasing popularity and globalisation the vying styles began to creep into each other’s markets, leading to law suits and continued conflict until 2020, 100 years after it’s birth…


The gulf between quality, standards, price and philosophy had meant historically the void between geographies was to hard to bridge. However, after a number of counter lawsuits and no victories an agreement was made to create a collaborative shoe that benefited both parties and recognised brand values and needs globally.

The resulting Feiyue 1920 is a stripped back, flexible shoe produced in China but to the standards and consistency required for overseas markets.

feiyue 1920 classic trainer shoe

This has resulted in a shoe that is both high quality and affordable in relative European / USA terms (rrp $25 - $35). And a happy ending 😍.

Shoe Breakdown

The Feiyue 1920 honours its original flexibility / kung-fu roots…

Feiyue martial arts shoe flex

Comes packed in bag opposed to bag as is customary for the shoes in China…

 Black Feiyue 1920 shoe with bag

And is available via our store…


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