Feiyue - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Feiyue - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Want to know more about the Feiyue brand? Here are the top questions we get from our customers, answered for you all...

Who are Feiyue?

Feiyue is a Chinese shoe (sneakers) brand. Feiyue has a complex (and intriguing history) of contesting producers, owners, trademarks and bankruptcies. However, Dafu and BBCI are largely recognised as official trademark owners and producers serving different regions. Since 2020 they have started to collaborate on production and releases.

Where are Feiyue from?

China. The Feiyue branding we recognise today came to fruition in the 1960s (a derivation of a military shoe that had been produced since the 1920s) with the aim of manufacturing a Chinese sneaker targeted to the masses. 

What does Feiyue mean in Chinese?

The inspiration for the name “Feiyue” translates broadly to “leap or fly forward”, a reference to China’s “Great Leap Forward”.

How can you tell real Feiyue?

The ‘red dot’ on the sole is a good indication that the shoe was manufactured by official trademark owners (however be wary as there are low quality fakes using the ‘red dot’). Furthermore the general quality, workmanship and retailer should act as a guide (you typically won’t find official Feiyue on Ebay, Wish, Amazon etc.).

In China alone, there are an estimated 1 million fake Feiyue sneakers sold to villages and small towns, but only about 10 percent are made by authorised producers. This subsequently has leaked into international markets with cheap, poor quality versions of the shoes claiming to be authentic selling on eBay and Amazon for less than $10.

Where can I buy Feiyue?

There are now an array high street retailers stocking Feiyue. They include ourselves (Tenements), and Urban Outfitters.

Who owns Feiyue?

Dafu and BBCI are largely recognised as official trademark owners and producers serving different regions.

What styles are available in Feiyue shoes?

The Feiyue 1920 is the largest selling shoe in the Feiyue range. Additional collaborations have been launched including one’s with Poppy Delevingne and Jeff Staple.

What are Feiyue used for?

Feiyue are most renowed as a Martial Arts (Kung Fu), Parkour and Callisthenics shoe. They have since branched out to be a everyday/fashion shoe.

Why do monks wear Feiyue?

Feiyue are lightweight, grounded , affordable and very flexible making them ideal for monks who practice Kung Fu and martial artists. They have become synonymous with the Shaolin monks.

Why is Feiyue popular for Parkour?

Feiyue are lightweight, grounded, affordable and very flexible making them ideal for parkour artists. The closeness and feel for the ground is seen as particular advantage of the shoe. 

Are Feiyue popular?

Yes. Millions of Feiyue are sold globally each year. The growth in popularity in Europe started in early 2000’s with them being introduced by French Entrepreneur Patrice Bastian and have since grown in popularity in the 2020’s with British Entrepreneur Matthew Derwent Wapples, re-launching them in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Why are Feiyue popular for Callisthenics?

Callisthenics ‘movement culture’ guru Is Ido Portal has worn the shoes, which led to huge popularity in the culture. Ido is also famous for training Connor Mcgregor, branching the shoe out into the world of martial arts.

Are Feiyue Vegan?

Yes. According to Feiyue shoes official site the 1920 is Vegan.

What materials are Feiyue made of?

Most Feiyue shoes are made of canvas uppers and rubbers soles.

What celebrities wear Feiyue?

Most notable wearers include Ben Affleck, Orlando Bloom, The Vaccines, Poppy Delevingne

How big are feiyue shoe sizes?

Feiyue shoes typically come slightly smaller than well known brands such as Nike and Adidas.

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