Starting your own fashion business - an interview with Tenements Clothing founder Matthew Derwent Wapples
Are you a sneakerhead wanting to start your own business? Learn about how our founder re-launched the Feiyue brand 👟
Snickers Workwear - New Brand In Store
Tenements Clothing is proud to announce another brand to the squad - Snickers Workwear 🏗
ALIS - 2021 Collection Officially Launched
After the success launching ALIS into the UK market in 2020, we are pleased to announce the latest 2021 collection 🤘.
ALIS - New Brand In Store
Following our official store launch we are pleased to announce our latest brand partner ALIS in store now ✊
STRAYE - New Brand In Store
Tenements Clothing is proud to announce another brand to the squad. OG skate team and brand STRAYE 🐐
Feiyue - New Brand In Store
We are pleased to announce Feiyue shoes to the Tenements Clothing family. In store HERE. Feiyue shoes have been made for over 100 years and recently were relaunched in the UK and Europe Feiyue shoes are regarded as the original...
Tenements Clothing - Official Store Launch
We are pleased to announce that Tenements Clothing’s online store has officially launched 💯
Slam DUNK - The story of the Nike Dunk
The Nike Dunk has become a phenomenon. Learn about it’s history over the last 4 decades
Celebrities wearing Feiyue
Here are some of the notable celebrities spotting rocking a pair of the OG movement shoes. Feiyue in the building! 🔥
Feiyue - Counterfeits, Conflict, Collaboration
After decades of conflict, a collaborative Feiyue shoe has finally been launched. Learn more about the latest style 😍
The years most underrated shoe releases
Whilst there has been crazy re-sell prices on whack shoes, there's also been some vastly unappreciated colloborations. Here's our favorites 😍
The years most overrated shoe releases

It’s hard not to get caught up in all the hype. But in reality were these releases really that good? 🤔

3 OG skateboarding brands to watch in 2021
Supreme fatigue? Well we certainly have 🤬... No overpriced collobs just 3 brands from real deal skating legends.
ALIS more than just a brand
“ALIS” a clothing company, playground, workshop, skate community, and all-around space for creative and free-spirited individuals.
Tenements drop new ALIS long sock range
ALIS have another drop on Tenements clothing this time a classic long sock look with a bold logo.
Coolest sock wearer in the game?
There can only be one celebrity King or Queen of #SockGame. Found out who we voted as the #1 sock OG!